Everything Has Changed

"It’s funny. It started out that Dan and I were the shy ones and Rupert was the talkative one, and then we seemed to swap. Rupert hardly speaks. You’re lucky to get anything out of him these days, and then Dan and I do a lot more of the talking. Dan is really intelligent and very sweet, and Rupert just has a wicked sense of humor and he’s very eccentric and very unique in the way that he does things. He’s like a big kid. I feel like he’ll never grow up, which I love." -Emma Watson

"Remember when we couldn’t take the heat. I walked out, and said ‘I’m setting you free’, But the monsters turned out to be just t r e e s.”


Jamie Oliver Meets Taylor Swift: Full Film | Stand Up To Cancer

“Amar, é querer estar preso por vontade.”

Luis de Camões. (via segredou)